Fundraising Ideas

Are you wanting to fundraise for us but stuck for ideas on how? We are sure that you will have some amazing fundraising ideas and you will have plenty of fun planning them. To get the ball rolling, take a look at some of the ideas below to help inspire you. Be positive, energetic and motivated, and you can make it happen! Don't forget to tell us about your plan so we can support you!



Do you, your network or organisation have prizes or goods to contribute? A raffle or auction can be the best way to maximise value. Remember, raffle prizes must legally be kept below $5000.



A great one for friends and family - approach your local cinema and ask them about hiring out a whole theatre. Often the smaller, local cinemas will be better value and will allow you to hold your own events with less risk. Watch the latest blockbuster with your supporters and give them a rewarding night while they support you.



If you are a wizz in the kitchen then why not whip up some sweet treats and do the rounds at your office. This might be something you can repeat every couple of weeks - as people hear about how delicious your treats are, more people will want to get their hands on them.



Are you precious about your hair or have long locks that you are emotionally tied to? Sometimes shaving your head can be a show of commitment that people understand and are willing to support. Put this one out to your network, alongside staging it as a live event and ask people for a donation to attend. Get your whole team involved and make a day of it! Or for the really brave... what about a wax-a-thon to take it to the next level?



Get your friends or colleagues together. Write up some signage. Grab a bucket, some soap and sponges and you know what to do.

Please note; there is currently a water shortage in Auckland. A car wash is not recommended when water restrictions are in place. Check with your local council to see what restrictions you have in your area.



We have a range of merchandise available for sale. We will provide you merchandise stock at wholesale prices, and when you sell the products at retail value, you can attribute the balance to your fundraising. This can be a great activity to compliment your event efforts.



We have all got valuable stuff lying around the house or in storage. Why not have a garage sale where the profits go to your fundraising? You can even engage your neighbours and friends to donate goods to the sale.



Most local pubs have quiz facilities, and will be willing to allow you to stage your event at their premises. That means you do not have to organise food and drink, and the bar wins by you bringing in a crowd.


For the sports people out there, it's worth considering your local clubhouse or indoor sports facility to stage your own mini-tournament. You can charge teams to enter and reward the winners with prizes at the end of a rewarding day or weekend of sports. If you play touch, cricket, league, netball - or anything really - this is a potential option for you. The traditional golf day is of course another great way to raise funds, if you have a friendly local course.



Poker nights are all the rage these days and a great way to raise some funds. Remember, cash prizes are not encouraged, but if you can get prizes for the winners and you and your friends and network are keen players, you are in for a sure fire way to raise money.



The ultimate social Sunday fundraiser. Organise a bowls day at your local club and your friends will all enjoy it. Most bowls clubs will ask a nominal $10 per casual bowler, so you can look to charge a little more than that, and include BBQ fundraisers, raffles and games of chance on the day to boost your fundraising.



What is your most valuable asset? Are you handy on the tools? A great teacher? A singer or performer? Think about organising a 'people auction' where you and your team get together and sell yourselves to the highest bidder for the day.



Do you have a supportive CEO in your organisation? If so, you could set her/him up to a day's work within the organisation - for sale to the highest bidder of course. Your co-workers will have the opportunity to submit a bid to have the CEO do their job for a day!



If you are nervous or apprehensive about fundraising, do not hesitate to contact us. We do this stuff everyday. Our fundraising staff are happy to help you help us!



If you are planning an event, please make sure that you are doing so safely and within the current level restrictions in your area. Minimise contact with others, wear personal protective equipment where possible and check the government website for updates on levels, and event restrictions. Head to for more information.