Help us continue saving lives by leaving a charitable gift in your Will. Your contribution today will go towards the purchase of important medical equipment, ensuring that lives are saved now and well into the future.

What benefit is there for me to leave a charitable bequest?

There are a number of benefits in relation to leaving a gift in your Will. The first and most important one is the knowledge that your gift is long-lasting and will ensure the survival of our service for future generations. It will mean that we can continue to operate two helicopters in the Auckland, Coromandel and Rodney regions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, enabling us to attend more than 1,000 rescue missions each year. Your gift will be saving lives. To download our bequest brochure, CLICK HERE.

Another benefit reported by our bequestors is the "feel good" factor. It is an amazing feeling to do something so selfless as to leave a legacy not only for your own family, but for countless other families too.

The wonderful thing about the service we provide is that it is not restricted or specific. We rescue people of all nationalities, ages, genders or religions.

And thirdly, by leaving a bequest you will automatically be welcomed into our Supporter for Life program.

What is a bequest?

A bequest is a 'future' charitable donation. It is a method of supporting the work of the Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopters without it affecting your lifestyle today. Simply put, it is a charitable gift left in your Will.

How do I leave a bequest?

Leaving a bequest is a simple process that your solicitor can implement for you. Once you have provided in your Will for your loved ones, your solicitor can add a gift to our service. If you already have a Will and just want to update it, your solicitor can provide a Codicil document for this purpose, which you will need to date and sign. To see the wording to give to your solicitor to update your Will, CLICK HERE.

What will the money be spent on?

Money received from bequests is used towards the purchase of capital items, such as emergency medical equipment for the team to use on board the helicopter. Currently however, we are saving up for a new up-to-date replacement helicopter, as our two machines are over 25 years old.

What is the Supporter for Life program?

By leaving a bequest, you will automatically be welcomed into our Supporter for Life (SFL) legacy program. You will receive a welcome pack, a badge to wear with pride, and get invited to our annual Christmas morning tea at the helicopter base. You will receive a quarterly update of what has been happening with our service and get invited to other events throughout the year. The Supporter for Life program is our way of thanking you for your future support of us.

If you would like to know more, please call:

Kerrie Spicer

Planned Giving Manager

Ph: (09) 950 7222

Mobile: 021 2748458


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