SAC 1 & 2 - Quarterly

We take providing excellence in clinical care seriously.  We have a process for identifying, investigating and learning from events where patient care is not of a standard that we would expect. 

Should we fall short of our goal for clinical excellence, we want you to know about any event that has resulted in either serious harm to, or the death of a patient whilst under our care.

This “Reportable Events” section is a requirement of our contract with NASO and it is updated on a quarterly basis.  We have a Clinical Safety Team who are given the responsibility of investigating patient events, and these may be driven by reporting by the crews themselves, via patient feedback or feedback from other service providers and also our own internal quality assurance processes.

Trust is very important in our line of work, and we believe honesty and transparency is vital to all stakeholders in our service, including keeping  any patients or whānau involved in an adverse event informed of our progress and findings. We sincerely hope that through awareness, we continue to challenge the way we do things, to learn and to grow.

Quarter 1 2019-2020
No SAC 1 or 2 events reported

Quarter 2 2019 - 2020
1 SAC 1 event investigated and reclassified as a SAC 3

Quarter 3 2019 - 2020
No SAC 1 or 2 events reported