Clinical Audit

Continuous Quality Improvement

We have a strong clinical governance focus on quality improvement.  As a service we are actively involved in aeromedical sector clinical initiatives and new developments.

 We have monthly clinical governance meetings where clinicians review and share organisational learnings from complex cases.

 We carry out regular clinical audits, looking at the quality of care we are providing and monitor our practice against accepted clinical standards, international best practice and internationally derived clinical quality indicators. We submit (non-identifiable) data to the Ground and Aeromedical Transport Quality Improvement Initiative. This is an international resource for transport teams to track, report, and analyse their performance on transport-specific quality metrics by comparing it to other organisations.

Externally we are also involved in national ambulance sector groups including the National Air Desk Governance group, Ambulance Sector Patient Safety and National Aeromedical Clinical Governance.

Clinical Registries

We submit data to National Clinical Registries, including the National Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Registry, the New Zealand Trauma Registry and the Australasian Emergency Airway Registry. These registries are registered with academic ethics committees