Summer Appeal

Thank you for supporting our 2019 Summer Appeal. Your gift will be used to help fund recent Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter missions.

Summer is a busy time for your Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter service.

Your kind donation towards our 2019 Summer Appeal will be used help fund recent rescue missions including road accidents.

People count on us to be there when we're needed the most, like young Liam Faaaliga and Liam Purnell.

Both boys were involved in serious motor vehicle accidents and got the urgent medical care they needed thanks to good sorts like you.

It's great knowing we can count on you. Thank you.



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Be part of the solution

We rely on people like you to help us save lives. Sponsoring a rescue mission means you will contribute funds directly to a specific mission flown by one of our helicopters, potentially saving someone's life.