"Chris and his team need your backing"

Westpac Rescue Helicopter Advanced Paramedic Chris Deacon has been working out of the back of your rescue helicopter for 18 years - he has you to thank for the many experiences that he’s had over that time.

“In the 18 years I’ve been flying I’ve become acutely aware that it’s all about teamwork. Whether it be reviving the lady of whom a dolphin has landed on top of, or being winched into the Hunuas to extract a tramper of who’s suffered a heart attack, it’s team work that gets our patient to the care they often desperately need.”

“Something that I’ve always been aware of is that the teamwork doesn’t just involve the helicopter but rather it starts with you. If you weren’t supporting us we wouldn’t be flying very far, so I need to thank you for being part of our team”.

Chris and his fellow crew were involved in close to 800 rescue missions last year, half of which were fully funded by you, our supporters.

Chris and his team need your backing again this year.


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