Rapid Response Vehicles

While Auckland Westpac Rescue is perhaps best known for its machines of the rotor-kind, it provides world-class patient care of the four-wheeled kind too.

Thanks to major sponsor SG Fleet going ‘above and beyond’, we can offer the community more than rescue helicopters. Since 2009, the fleet solutions company’s support has included providing motor vehicles for our use.

We have two Rapid Response Vehicles (RRVs). Equipped with life-saving technology, they essentially bring our clinicians and aspects of the emergency room directly to patients and hundreds of lives have benefitted as a result.

Our Rapid Response Vehicles

2022 Skoda Superb

Our newest RRV. Generously supplied by SG Fleet.

This vehicle is stationed at Ardmore base all year long, providing immediate benefit to the South and East Auckland communities by bringing world-class emergency care to them.

RRV medical crew can perform advanced procedures such as blood transfusions, ultrasounds and Rapid Sequence Intubations (RSI) to assist a patient at the scene. This greatly increases their chance of survival and making a full recovery.


2017 Hyundai Santa Fe

This vehicle alternates between an RRV and transporting whole blood from Auckland City Hospital to base and back, so it can be used to perform life-saving procedures on rescue missions. Blood supplies need to be refreshed every two days.

Over summer, it’s stationed at the Whitianga base, along with crew, to support the Coromandel community during the busy period.