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Chest pain, body boarding accident land women on Code:1 season finale - NZ Herald

Two women from different sides of Auckland have shared a unique bond as the result of life-saving rescues by the Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter.

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Spit roast accident at birthday party near Coromandel leaves two burned - NZ Herald

A birthday party for an elderly man ended with people being hosed down for serious burns after an accident with a spit roast barbecue.

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Man Injured While Cutting Shark From Fishing Line -

A Whakatane man accidentally stabbed himself while trying to cut a blue shark off a fishing line on Monday.

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Local man rescues stranded fishermen stuck on rock - NZ Herald

A chopper pilot is hailing a "hero" who rescued two fishermen stuck on a rock off Auckland's coastline tonight.

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Auckland Teen Thrown Off Motorbike Has Lucky Escape -

An Auckland teenager is lucky to be alive after taking a tumble from his motorbike, at speed, on a rural stretch of highway.

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Crash Survivor Says Thanks - Franklin County News /

As an oncoming car sped straight towards her, all Desiré Purnell could think about was that her children would be left without a mother.

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Neighbour tells man impaled by stake 'to be really brave'

Francis Hall was only five minutes from home when he fell asleep at the wheel...

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Special mission to Beachlands -

Crew of the Auckland & Coromandel Westpac Rescue Helicopter were tasked to a very special mission in Beachlands yesterday morning.

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Mountain biker crashes headfirst into tree - newsie

An incident involving a teenager who crashed headfirst into a tree has highlighted the importance of always wearing your bike helmet.

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Emotional reunion for crash victim with doc who saved her life - NZ Herald

Apart from a few brief words before she drifted out of consciousness, Joanna Harris had not met the man who saved her life. Harris' body was broken in a horrific crash that killed her unborn baby. It would have killed her too if Dr Marcus Chan had not

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Crash rescue: In saving him, they saved our whole family - NZ Herald

Crash survivor Steve Rastovich opens up about the accident that almost took his life.

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Charlotte Cleverley-Bisman: 'Boxing has opened my mind' - NZ Herald

Meningitis survivor and amputee Charlotte Cleverly-Bisman has a new passion - boxing.

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Crushed by a 350kg dolphin: Kelly Lawson's fight for life - NZ Herald

In 2006 Kelly Lawson was crushed and almost killed by a dolphin. Today she remembers.

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US Coastguard to the 'rescue' in Auckland Exercises -

For the first time in 20 years a US Coastguard aircraft has carried out training exercises in New Zealand waters. A dramatic "rescue" operation saw a sinking boat firing flares, a US Coastguard Hercules aircraft dropping a life raft and the Auckland Re

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Man saved after choking on dinner at Coromandel wedding - NZ Herald

A man was airlifted to hospital after choking on his dinner at Coromandel community hall.

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Hunter falls down gully, breaks leg - sunlive

A man was airlifted to hospital after breaking his leg, while hunting on his property in the Kaimai Ranges on Tuesday evening. The man, who is in his 40's, broke his leg after falling down a steep gully in thick bush at the back of his property on Te

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Woman suffers fish hook in the eye -

She'd just taken off her sunglasses before a bizarre accident on a family fishing trip saw a hook lodged in a woman's eye.

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Teenager found in critical condition after bike fall -

He was found lying unconscious in a road with his bike. No-one knows what happened.

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Triumph and tragedy, the life of rescue helicopter crewman - Rodney Times

"It's not till you get back and are having a cup of tea that you go that was quite a big, high impacting job," Mark says.

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Young boy flown to hospital after falling through glass window - NZ Herald

A family holiday turned into a medical emergency yesterdaywhen a young boy was flown to hospital after falling through a glass window. - New Zealand Herald

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Six months on man who 'miraculously' survived 14m cliff plunge fully recovered - NZ Herald

A Father's Day fishing trip nearly ended in tragedy when Dylan Holzheimer fell 14m down a cliff onto jagged rocks last September. - New Zealand Herald

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Rescue parmedic preparing for busiest time of the year - Nor-west News

For Russell Clarke, Christmas is not a relaxing time. As an intensive care paramedic for the Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter team, it is his busiest time of the year.

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