Ronark Reunites with Rescuer

Auckland Westpac Rescue’s Critical Care Paramedic Alice was off-duty and making her way back to her car after dinner with her husband when she heard screams.

Sadly, Petrol Station Night Manager Ronark was being violently assaulted by a member of the public which included death threats. Throwing goods off the shelves, Ronark tried hard to defend himself. Alice’s husband was in shock as she ran to Ronark’s aid.

“Being a paramedic you are inoculated against stress,” Alice recently told theNew Zealand Herald, “When the man approached me, I was frightened and thoughtI’d put myself in a stupid position – what if he had a knife?”

As the agitated perpetrator fled, he looked back. Alice bravely placed herself between the victim and his assailant.

“I told Ronark to shut the doors – the man looked like he was coming back to give him another bash or give me a bash,” Alice recalled, “I said, ‘Go away, go away’ and tried to de-escalate the situation. He went to his car, revved it and looked like he might ram raid (the station). Then he swerved at the last second and drove off like a maniac,” Alice said.

Alice called for help and comforted Ronark while tending to his injuries. She grabbed Panadol off the shelves for pain relief and used tissues to soak up theblood.

Recently, the pair united in better circumstances following Ronark’s terrifying ordeal.

Ronark wanted to thank his “angel.”

Alice received a lovely goody bag from staff. The team at the Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter are immensely proud of Alice.

CEO, Ian MacPherson says, “We are in the profession of saving lives and, because of this, our front-line staff are often described as heroes. (Alice’s bravery) got me thinking about what defines a hero, and after much consideration I’ve decided there are two types, those that do it for a job, the professionals, and those that become a hero by circumstance, and therefore could be described as an amateur. An amateur hero deserves special recognition because these people become qualified through coincidence, not by choice. Often this elite class of hero have no time to prepare or to make calculated decisions, instead they assist others and put themselves in harm’s way because of their innate bravery. This special elite class of hero should be recognised… (Alice) stepped into a situation that put her at risk and she did this without hesitation. Well done, Alice, I know I speak on behalf of the whole organisation in congratulating you for your selfless bravery.”