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Have you been rescued by our crew and would like to tell your story?

Hearing first hand from those who have needed our service is a great way for our community to understand what we do and why they need us.

When Sharon Clay and her husband visited Matarangi for a quiet day on the beach in February 2015, little did she expect to be laying in the back of our helicopter a few hours later!

What was meant to be a romantic Valentine's Day, turned out to be anything but, when Sharon inadvertently stepped on a stingray.

"The pain was relentless," explains Sharon.

"We saw the ray itself - it was approximately one metre across from wing tip to wing tip - minus one barb!"

With the stingray barb sticking out of her foot, bystanders called emergency services and before long, the chopper was whirring overhead.

Thankfully, Sharon arrived at hospital in a timely manner and received the medical attention she so desperately needed. When she was well enough, she came to the base to meet her rescuers!

As well as being a long term supporter, Sharon was keen to help our service in other ways. So she penned an article about her ordeal and allowed us to share it with the media.

By sharing a story about your rescue, you can help us keep our service top of mind. Positive media can have the same effect as a monetary donation, as it increases community awareness and leads to increased fundraising.

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