Rescue operation underway after personal locator beacon activated in Coromandel - Newshub

The Rescue Coordination Centre has reinforced the need for personal locator beacons to be registered after an activation on Friday morning.

An Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter was tasked to Coromandel after a beacon was activated at 5:50am.  

However, the Rescue Coordination Centre (RCCNZ) was unable to follow its usual checks, due to the beacon being unregistered.  

The Auckland Westpac Rescue Helicopter spent a considerable amount of time searching dense bush, 5km south of Colville Bay.  

It was unable to find anyone in need of assistance.

In a statement to Newshub, RCCNZ said says because the beacon was unregistered, it had no information on who could be carrying it.

"When purchasing or renting a beacon, it is critical people register them," a spokesperson said.  

"This means any response can be swiftly actioned and responders can understand who requires assistance, get to those in need or close out a job if a beacon is accidentally activated."

A LandSAR team is on standby in Thames, waiting to assist the search.