14yo Finley falls 15m down a cliff face

On the 23rd of February 2013, 14 year old Finley Savage slipped and fell 15 metres down a cliff face while going for a walk with a mate on Grant Island, Mahurangi. He had multiple head and arm injuries as well as a broken femur. As they had no cell phone with them, his mate Robbie had to go for help.

“I was lying there on my own in heaps of pain thinking that the only way I’m going to get out of here is if Robbie can get the rescue helicopter to come and find me.

"I was falling in and out of consciousness when I heard the sound of those rotors. Best sound I’ve ever heard.”

Finley has recovered well from his ordeal and gives thanks to the rescue crew for being there when he really needed them. “Those guys are pretty amazing. One minute I’m getting winched off the beach and the next thing I know I’m in Auckland Hospital.”

Finley and his family urge you to continue to help the chopper. “After the accident my mum said how lucky we were that the helicopter was there, because we never thought we’d ever need them. If you can help them help others then please do so.”