Tramping goes wrong for Jenny

Hibiscus Coast resident and early childhood teacher Jenny Fox-Shakespeare fell badly when tramping up Rangitoto Island on the 3rd of February this year, breaking her leg and badly damaging her ankle.

“There was no where the helicopter could land so Paramedic Russell Clarke came down the narrow path to winch me on board. I was very impressed by the gentle way I was safely taken through the trees to the helicopter hovering above.”

“I never, for a moment, thought that I’d ever find myself being winched on board our rescue helicopter but I’m so very pleased that those guys and girls that fly on the chopper are there for us all.”

Jenny’s rescue was one of 250 that the rescue helicopter crews have performed already this year and they really need your financial backing to continue the work that they do.

“I’m so grateful for their help. I have always admired the dedication, skill and bravery of the Westpac Rescue Helicopter team. They are so humble about what they do”

“I urge you to think how you would also be incredibly grateful to have their help if you or one of your children or grandchildren ever needed them."