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Personal accounts from those who we have helped or worked with.

“Contest Life-Saver Saved Twice”

If anyone has good cause to support a good cause, Rodney resident and avid fisherman Paul Dickinson makes an ideal candidate.

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“Reunion the Bee's Knees”

1st May 2018 is a day that Waiwera resident Samantha Wenzlick is unlikely to forget in a hurry.

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“One Step Out Of Place For Russell”

Russell Nathan had no idea that one missed step would almost cost him his life.

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“Yasmin's Nasty Fall”

“Mum. Mum! MUM!!!” Linda Dunn’s brief moment of solitude on the beach was broken by her daughter’s screams.

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“David Beats The Odds”

Recently, cardiac arrest survivor David Willis and his wife Nicky met the people who helped save the father of two’s life.

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“The Day John Met A Deer Head On”

You wouldn’t know it when you meet him, but cancer survivor John Riley has navigated through a lot of obstacles in his 52 years of life.

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“Andy's Long Ride Home”

At around 5pm on Tuesday 1st July 2014, Andy Corles had one thing on his mind - his family.

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“We'd crossed that bar for 20 years with no problems”

It was 5am in the morning when John Potter snuck out of bed, leaving Pam, his wife and high school crush, to sleep..

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“You could see the fear on Julian's face”

Mike Gee got the fright of his life when he returned home from gym just before dinner on Tue 24th Nov 2015.

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“Len Tiwini awoke in a cold sweat”

He was struggling to breathe. It was just after midnight on 24 November 2015 in Karioitahi, just outside of Waiuku, when Len started fighting for his

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“If they hadn't been here, Finn mightn't be here today”

The Macleans are a young, tight-knit family of four from Warkworth.

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“Not going down without a fight”

Anniversary Weekend 2015 is one Stewart and Pauline Rundle won’t forget.

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“Nixie's shaky start in life”

Waiheke’s Matty and Jane Macdonald were excited about daughter Nixie’s arrival into the world.

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“Nole's flight to live”

Nole was enjoying a day out on the water, fishing off his jet ski. He certainly wasn’t looking for trouble, (he was fit and felt good for his age).

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“Braden's brush with death”

Braden’s future was mapped out. He was looking forward to joining the navy. Going for a run one sunny evening, he didn’t notice the car behind him

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“A long road for Mirte”

Mirte was enjoying watching daughter Nikita ride her horse “Rocket”. The thought of Mirte taking a helmet for herself, hadn’t crossed her mind.

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“Sapphire's Crazy Day”

Sapphire was doing what a lot of Kiwi kids love to do. She was climbing a tree. Unfortunately for Sapphire, the branch she stood on snapped.

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“Newlywed's Unlucky Break”

Less than 24 hours after Rory & his sweetheart said “I do”, disaster struck.

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“The Race To Save Gracie”

It was an early start for Gracie and her family from Kennedy Bay on Friday 26th June 2015.

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“14yo Finley Falls 15m Down A Cliff Face”

"I was falling in and out of consciousness when I heard the sound of those rotors."

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“Every Parent's Worst Nightmare”

On the 16th of October 2012, two month old baby Troy took a turn for the worse, experiencing severe breathing difficulties.

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“I thought I Was Going To Lose My Boy”

On the 1st of October 2012, 8 year old John Schouten was hit by a car at high speed, suffering multiple injuries.

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“Tramping Goes Wrong For Jenny”

Hibiscus Coast resident and early childhood teacher Jenny Fox-Shakespeare fell badly when tramping up Rangitoto Island.

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“Rapid Response Helps Save Quinn”

On the 8th December 2012, 3 year old Quinn was found unconscious and not breathing on the bottom of a public swimming pool.

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